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Skills4Success is here to help you learn more about digital marketing and all the opportunities that are available in South Africa for digitally savvy individuals. If you have been paying attention a lot of companies have been moving moving their businesses online and marketing is moving away from traditional channels into the online space. Projections are telling us that companies spend more money on digital marketing campaigns than they do on traditional marketing channels and this is going to increase in the coming years. What this means is that there has never been a better time to be a digital marketer in South Africa than right now.

What are some common digital marketing skills and jobs:

  1. Social Media Marketing – being able to use popular social media sites such as twitter, facebook, instagram and linked in to reach targeted audiences, this may include using different social media tools to schedule posts, and the use of twitter, linked in or facebook ads.When you are a social media marketer you should be able to grow social media accounts and have an engaged audience who actually interact with the content that you share.
  2. Blogging – many businesses have blogs which target peoples search queries which may be related to what the business is offering as a service. So blogging can be used as a way for the business websites to constantly have fresh content that can rank in search engines which then brings targeted traffic to the website exposing potential customers to the services the business is offering.
  3. Copywriting – copywriters in the online space write all the content that is used online, be it blog posts, advertising copy or captivating website site copy. Writing for the online space is different when compared to traditional copy-writing, when you are writing for the online space you have an opportunity to write very specific content targeted to smaller niches and it all has to be done in an SEO friendly manner to increase readability by people with short attention spans and also optimised in such a way that the search engines can pick up what the main key words are for that particular copy.
  4. Search engine optimization (SEO) – This job is about optimizing websites to rank well in search engines, most people just focus on google and others focus on Bing as well. This includes on-site website optimization, off-site seo and technical Seo. SEO peoples goal is to increase the organic traffic of a site whereas PPC people generate paid traffic.
  5. PPC (Pay per click advertising) – People who do PPC are people who specialize in Google adwords, Bing ads (basically search engine advertising) etc and may include social media advertising as well. What they essentially do is specialize in buying traffic to specific pages optimized to generate conversions. The goal is to get as much quality targeted traffic for as cheap as possible.
  6. Email marketing – These guys specialize in building mailing lists and then designing some sort of a sales funnel to turn those email subscribers into leads(conversions).

We will be sharing information about the different kinds of jobs available in digital marketing and sharing tips on how to be the best at each type of job. The awesome thing about digital marketing is that although most jobs require a qualification, it is not really necessary in order to succeed in digital marketing. Additionally you can go into digital marketing as a career or as a way to generate some passive income to supplement the salary you get from your day job.